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ADDMASTER: 8K (version-1), Merlin 8K, ~1972 · Desktop with Display · ADDMASTER: 8K (version-2), Merlin 8K, CALCULATOR, ~1972 · Desktop with Display · ADDMASTER: 8KB, Audiator 8KB, ~1972 · Desktop with Display · ADDMASTER: Math III · Desktop · ADDOMETER: (Unknown model 1) · 1980 · Pocket / Converter.
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Large Collection of Non-Standard Animals.
Wallace, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.
The rapid advancement and expansion of the business of breeding trotting'horscs and the now prosperous condition of that interest find reflex in each successive volume of the Register following faster upon its predecessor.
Of course the Register must keep pace with the vol- ume of pedigrees contributed, and the increased production of trot- ting-bred horses has now reached a point where the publication of a large volume annually seems imperative.
Volume I games live aviva premiership published in 1871, Volume II in 1874, and Volume III in 1879; and in these three boolTs were collected upwards of 10,000 pedigrees.
Then came the most important step in the history of the breeding business — the adop- tion by the National Association of Trotting-Horse Breeders of the standard.
The compilation of Volume IV, the first under the stand- ardy involved bringing forward all animals recorded in previous vol- umes that met the requirements of the standard.
The system of numbering standard stallions was then adopted, and in 1882 Volume IV was issued, containing upwards of 6,000 pedi- grees, of which 2,031 were standard stallions.
Volume V followed in 1885, containing 5,140 pedigrees, and Volume VI in 1887, with 5,980 pedigrees, the latter bringing the number of standard stallions up to 5,611.
Though the present volume follows closer upon the heels of its predecessor than did any other, and although it has no non-standard stallions, it contains more pedigrees than any previous volume, and its department of standard stallions ends with the number 9,086.
With the opening of this volume I inaugurated a department of Transfers.
This, for the reason that it increased the work and ex- pense on live review online best casino Register materially, was perhaps deferred too long, but it at last became a necessity, and appears in this volume, incorporated with see more department of Corrections.
The tendency, especially among new beginners and small breeders, to call their colts by names borrowed and compounded from those of iv PREFATORY REMARKS.
This rule has been enforced in Volume VII, has worked admirably, and hence the nomenclature of this book is an improvement over that of previous volumes.
The Tables of Records heretofore given in the Register have been discontinued, for the reason that they have become too bulky to handle in these volumes; and, further, because they properly belong to the Year-Book, an annual volume designed especially for statistics of per- formances.
With the close of Volume VI there arose considerable agitation looking to a revision of the standard.
It was felt by the more advanced breeders that the time had arrived when, consistently with the prog- ress made in breeding, the standard should be raised by cutting off some of its weaker rules and strengthening others.
The enormous and rapidly-increasing numbers of stallion-colts having only one standard cross on the side of the dam, or 75 per cent, of standard trotting-blood, that were being flooded into the Register under Rule 7 became a source of weakness, and indeed a menace to the whole standard, and it was urged that this rule especially called for strengthening provisions; but as the public had not received notice of any intended change, ac- tion was then deferred by the Breeders' Association, and Volume VII was compiled under the original standard.
At the meeting of the National Association of Trotting-Horse Breeders held in this city December 14, 1887, this needed revision of the standard was consummated.
The present standard, under which Volume VIII is being prepared, is given following these remarks; and as the present volume was compiled under the original standard, the latter is also reproduced.
Though these changes and restrictions have caused some little dissatisfaction, principally among small breeders who have not aimed at a high standard of blood, they are undoubtedly indorsed by public opinion as tending to the ultimate welfare of the whole breeding interest.
New York, September 15, 1888.
This is to certify that we have had supervision of the Standard Department of this volume during its compilation, and have rendered such assistance as was in our power.
The rules of the standard click to see more been honestly applied; and, while we do not claim that the work is en- tirely free from errors, we believe it to be as nearly correct as a work of this very difficult nature can be made.
Guy Miller, Chester, N.
VI and VII of the Trotting Register were compiled.
When an animal meets the requirements of admission and is duly registered, it shall be accepted as a standard trotting-bred animal First.
It is not possible to define just what will be accepted as satisfactory evidence of the truthfulness of a pedigree.
As a rule, affidavits are of no value, for they are generally based upon hearsay and not upon personal knowledge.
The chief difficulty, as devel- oped by experience, has been in the remote extensions.
At the point where the address of the breeder cannot be given, and where the identity of the animal cannot be historically established to the Board of Censors, all pedigrees shall be cut ofif.
Next to the dishonest purpose of borrowing strains of blood that do not belong in a pedigree comes the approximately dishonest practice of borrowing the names of great ancestors.
In both cases there is a species of deception with the single object of en- hancing values beyond the measure of real merit.
S265 Abdallah Swigert p.
M77 Ajalon 7002 A3ax p.
«538 Alcone 0780 Alcove 7604 Alciyon -7438 Alcyo 7048 Alcyone Chief 8218 Alcyone Jr 6888 Alden Eddy 8709 Alderban 7154 Aleck.
£8: 8894 Alphinglon 5702 Alpine 8087 Alpineer 8618 Alponus 8384 Alroy 5715 Alstrath 7749 Merlin 3000gd Boy 7078 Allara 6698 Aitares 8048 Altemua.
£90 4SM AurologCT JMBl AttMDomcT.
TTSi Baldwin 82» Baldwins 8171 Balfour.
BamabyRudge 8K8 Bameyt BOM Barney McCann 6784 Barney Monroe 7739 Bainey WeU 81W Baniey WUkea 7M Bamhait 8B97 Baronet 017 Buon Golduniib p.
UM Baionlal 90O» BuDQ Knight aiHS Click here B149 Bairmore.
M BM5 Baiuoia B441 Bi '.
£898 Belmont Hamlet p.
EBt ISiS Belstone 7-181 Belvidian 7890 Belview 7831 Belvoir 61M Bemis, H V.
Se 8891 Ben 80S9 Ben Boll 5778 Benedetlo 7S» Benedict HbrnJ p.
S798 BenM 9048 Bennell.
SOBS Bilioo Tons BiDy 8389 Billir Bales 8029 Billy Bell 6178 BilljrBrlggs 8837 Billy Campbell.
G044 Black Cossack 8068 Black Deck 8818 Black Diamond.
BtackDonald 8988 Black Fred G84S Black Garnet 6736 Blackjack B13S Black King 8880 Black Kolgbt 778S Blacklidge 6841 Blackiock.
B783 Black Victor p.
Ba 383E Blickwell 8593 BlackwoodChietrBlackwoodl 63S0 Blackwood Chief Hamlin's.
Boodk Boodlei BoDk-b Booth.
Broadweil Brocade Brodecick BronieBoy Bronn Chief Brooklirn Eagle.
BmtherG Brown Cedar Bmroell.
Xk drarchill 6807 Cicero p.
N 715© Claimant 7770 Clamor 8788 Clansman 7010 Claremont 6610 Clarence South 9010 Claret 8088 Clarewood 6585 Clark Chief tain 8587 ClaarkEddy 6427 Clarkson.
Bishop 8118 CoL Bismarck G358 CoL Bullock 8517 CoUBurr 7066 Col.
Hare 5927 CoLHart 6990 Col.
Porter 8708 Competine 7560 Competition 8990 Competitor 6095 Compiler 9088 Compton 6861 Compwood 8085 Comrade 7925 Comstock KM6 Comus.
C81 2924 CrossKcys 5700 Crowder, J 6170 Cuba 6510 Cullum 6945 Currito 6754 Cussewago 6297 Cuuway 7897 Cutellus 7336 Cuthbtrt p.
Dilmont 8853 Dimonda 8977 Disraeli 7368 Distiller 7446 Disturber 8621 Dividend 7884 Divorce 7602 Dixie Prince 8176 Dixmont 7765 Dixon p.
S85 8458 Enchanter Lake p.
J 8519 Felipe 8841 Fellowcraft 6547 Fcrgufon.
V a2S2 Fiddler Ford 7228 Fidelity 7118 INDEX TO STANDARD HORSES.
Xlll Field Mazshal p.
£83 2528 Forecast 6776 Foreman 6665 Foremost 5891 Forepaugh 6720 Forerunner «.
Porter 6619 Frank Russell 8400 FrankSmith 7288 Frank Walsingham.
M 6756 Gebhardt 8641 Gelon 7819 General 6920 Gen.
Jackson 8190 Gen«Jourdan 7734 Gen.
Woolsley 6034 Generator 7821 Genesee 7181 Genesis 6714 Geneva 8346 Genius p.
Parker 6325 George M.
Patchen Jr 5884 Georges 8a35 George Sherman 8813 George Simmons 8694 George Steck 9084 George H.
Tranby 77B8 George M.
GlendaleJr 6023 Glendeer 6249 Glendinning 8960 Glendon 8566 Glenloch 6166 Glenmont 8518 Glen Ridge 7806 Glenrock 6055 Glen Roy 8446 Glenward 6888 Glide 6153 Globard 7767 Glynn 6882 Goalward 7855 Goethe 8636 Gogebic 8556 Goldbeater p.
Wood 7687 Gowanda 8444 G.
R 7009 Graduate 7693 Grand Commander 6187 Grandeur 8994 Grandfellow 6531 Grand Master 8622 Grand Rapids Chief 0977 Grandwood 6748 XIV AMERICAN TROTTING REGISTER.
Granger 7678 Granite Stote 6387 Granite State Boy 8179 Grantham Chief.
J 7758 Halliday 88-35 Hallowe'en 7«1 Halton 6815 Hambash 6956 Ham-black 7488 Hambletonian Sherman's.
Genet Jr 8907 HarryGwinn 6809 Harry H 7850 Harry Homas 6497 Harry Hoyer 5650 Harry King 6943 Harry Knox 6811 Harry Lambert 6479 Harry Leland 8371 Harry Lloyd 6349 Harry Lorrequer 5905 Harry M 7778 Harry Mario 8178 Harry Mount 7024 Harry Parker 6889 Harry Plummcr p.
Rogers 5943 Horallis 8758 Horatio 6671 Hnspador 6881 Hotspur Prince 6268 Houghton 8803 Houscl 8616 Houston 8354 Howard 75!
March 6117 James P 7684 lamesS 6540 James Wait 6177 Janus 5988 larndycc p.
See 8561 Jay-Sce-Sce 6787 Jaywood 6551 larel 7821 J C K 9044 iefferson Clay p.
Jim Silver 6807 Jimmie p.
Gough 8209 John Howard.
John 5740 John Turner 8939 Johnny Welch 7898 Johnny Wilkts p.
P S 6646 J.
D 6542 Juan 7428 Juan Bryant 7606 Jubilant 7828 Jubilee Hancock 6098 Jubilee Lambert p.
Eddy 7229 Majority 8152 Mai.
Wood 8596 Malbrook 6343 Malchoir f 6556 Malcolm 6661 Mamaluke 6158 Mambaret p.
L 6788 Nemo 6087 Neophyte 7878 Neponset 6086 Neptune 7448 Nero 6566 NestEgg 7588 Nesior 6180 Neitleton 6687 Nevada 6208 Nevada p.
H 8800 Nickwackctt 7184 Nick Woodsie 8008 Nicolini.
Tiiue Rare Ben 71B4 RaiaaJr.
MM Red Hack p.
Red Oak Baas Red Oninrd TWO Red Pepper 7478 Red Prince.
S»« Redikin SISO Redwald 8178 RedvBT 7731 Red Win 8181 RedWins 7B09 RediroodBoone 7701 RcSector GMS Retormer BOOB Resal Medium.
JHOa Renimption OiTT Relter 8871 Repeal OSU Revenue Kins TTBl Revircaco.
B771 Road Master 077B Roadiler 77S8 Robbira 7a»9 Robert Blaie strippers online live Kobert Douglai 8I£0 Robert Kennedy.
OUBO Roben SmuMler ""- Robert SlecJ.
Ryno Chief Ryidyk Prince Ryiwood EpiioracJ p.
«6 Sanu Cruz 867:!
Santamont 8744 Sardine p.
R 6969 Sheik 6308 Shennan Medium 7166 Shericy 7242 Shennan Franklin 6.
JJ80 1647 Sir Wallace 8304 Sir Walter Jr 7800 Sir William 8287 Skylight 7675 SmallHopes 7422 Smuggler Chief p.
W 6209 Southward 7469 Sovereign 6724 Sox 7n38 Http://jackpot-promo.win/live/smart-live-casino-724.html 87.
Fletcher 5865 Stove Polish 6848 Strader Jr 6830 Strait Edge 8539 Strategist 8408 Strathallan 6653 Stratham 7666 Strathbogie 8826 Strathboy.
Hendiicks 6994 Thomas S.
Harrison 6616 Thomas 1 8680 Thomas A.
ScoU 6855 Thor 6569 Thomdecn 8806 Thornden 8764 Tbora Hill 7706 Thornton 8860 Thomwood Gem 6S94 Thrasher 6859 Three Tips 6006 Thrift 7561 TimCawIey 9038 TiofraPoint 7738 Tioughnioga 8175 Tippecanoe 7101 Tipperary 7968 Tipseco 7988 Tipao 6942 Tiptop 8817 Tiskilwa Chief 8663 Tito 8840 Titus 7ti56 Tom Bayard 7187 Tom Boy 7W3 Tom Brown 6083 Tom Clayton 80a0 Tom Denham 0278 Tom Herrick 6074 Tom Lupton 6743 Tomoka.
B 6738 Wheatfield 8271 Wheeler 6842 Wheeling Wilkes 7761 Whipple 8967 Whirl 8224 Whitewood 7977 Why Not 7299 Wichita Chief 7168 Wicket 8945 Wickham 6786 Wicklow 8120 Wickopee 8151 WilburChief 6874 Wilcan 6765 Wilcyonc 8565 Wildmau 8115 Wilful 7560 Wilkemont 6885 Wilkerson 6642 Wilkes 8671 Wilkesbarre p.
Evaris 6891 William E.
Gladstone 6618 William L.
Hull 6727 William Lanford 6897 Will Lewis 7478 William M.
Rysdyk 57103 William M.
A 8481 Woodbum Hambletooian p.
Pedigrees of Standard Horses.
Stradclla, by Hermes, son of Mariner; g.
Belle dam of George M.
Frank Barrett, Philadelphia, Pa.
Fanny Patchen, by Maj.
Patchen, son of Maj.
Home Hllle, 7 b.
McAUaster; passed to Fred.
Fanny, by Black Hawk Batchelder's ; g.
Bred by Daniel D.
Wingate, Melvin Village, N.
EaBy Fortune, 7 br.
Bred by Harrison Mills, Goshen, N.
Moyer, Betlile- hem, Pa.
Lady Boyle, by Dan Rice, pacer; g.
Kate, by Godolphin, pacer.
Governor Stanford, 6 b.
Bred by Leland Stanford, Menlo Park, Cal.
Bred by Richard Ingraham, Brooklyn, Read article />Gargiulo; then to A.
Watson, New York, N.
Dc Garmen- dia, Frederick, Md.
Bred by James Scott.
Kinsman, Ohio; passed to H.
Zeigler, Sandy Lake, Pa.
Sherry Wood, 7 br.
Lucy, by Seth Warner, son of Green Mountain Morgan Hale's ; g.
R, Joslyn, Waits- field, Vt.
Rebecca, said to be running-bred.
Bred by James A.
Cheek; passed to James Norwood, Hillsboro, N.
Rebecca, said to be running-bred.
Bred by James A.
Fanny Allen, by Ethan Allen, 43; g.
Fanny Cook dam of Daniel Lambert, 102, etc.
Phelon, Cherry Valley, N.
Country Girl, by Dick Ilambleconian, son of Hambletonian, 157 Hetzel's.
Bred by Asa Bray ton, Carey, Ohio.
Evelina, by Ashland, 47; g.
Eloisc, by Bay Pilot, son of Doniphan; g.
Daniel Xiaznbert, 6 ch.
Vaughn, Sandy Hill, N.
Wheelock; then to Wm.
Nokomis, by Mambrino Chief, 11; g.
Caudle dam of Ericsson, 130pedigree not traced.
Lyle, Dan- ville, Ky.
Sir Bell, 6 b.
Kentucky Lady, by Click Pilot, 29; g.
General Stlirgess, 7 bl.
Dousman, Prairie du Chien, Wis.
Kitty Patchen dam of Georgiana, 2:2b }4.
Jenny, by Mambrino Whalebone, son of Mambrino Chief, 11; g.
Bessie, pedigree not traced.
Kale, said to be by Dave Hill.
Strawbridge; passed to R.
Lady Oakes dam of Nelly L.
David Babcock, 7 b.
Frn-ocK, by Electioneer, 125; g.
Polly Perkins, said to be by St.
Wiggin; passed to James R.
Jenny, by Ethan Allen, 474.
Bred by App bet365 live casino McNeil, Shel- burne, Vt.
Faithful, by Ingersoll Horse.
Fanny, by Fish Horse, son of Brown Dick.
Bred by Truman Live poker game downloading, Granville, N.
Colonel Pepper, 7 b.
Polly Rogers, by Rattler Biggart'sson of Sir Henry; g.
Cinderella, by Sir Henry Long's ; g.
Old Grey, by Hambletonian Bishop's.
Bred by Click at this page Temple, Granville, N.
Minnie Clyde, by Brignoli, 77, etc.
Turner; then to William Blickensdoerfer, St.
TTing Bedwood, 7 br.
Spitfire, pedigree not traced.
Bred by John Roberts, Saccarappa, Maine.
Harry Hoyer, 7 ch.
Hoyer, Battle Creek, Mich.
Mattie Lewis, by John C.
Kitty Sly, by Charter Oak.
Kate, by Stranger; g.
Hamilton, New Baltimore, Ohio.
Honest Dick, 6 b.
Arthur, 1407; dam Lucy V.
Lady Herschel, by American Star, 14; g.
Bred by Charles Sanford, Orwell, Vt.
Arthur, 1407; dam Lucy V.
Lady Herschel, by American Star, 14: g.
Bred by Charles Sanford, Orwell, Vt.
Joe Beedy 6 b.
Fanny Coleman, by Edwin Forrest, 49.
Buck- ner, Paris, Ky.
Dan Maoe» 6 b.
Sprague, 444; dam Lady Temple dam of Sprague Pilot?
Glencoe Belle, by Ole Bull, son of Old Pacing Pilot, etc.
True GHory, 7 ro.
Florence, by Morgan Kincaid'sson of Young Green Mountain Morgan.
Bred by Daniel Hayes, Muscatine, Iowa; passed to H.
Maggie Keene, by Mambrino Hatctier, son of Mam- brioo Patchen, 58; g.
Laura Fair dam of Keene Jim.
Venture, by Volunteer, 55; g.
Great "Western, 6 ch.
Van Akin, Girard, Mich.
Thacher, Cold- water, Mich.
Battell, Middle- bury, Vt.
J Bred by W.
Lady, by Young Morrill Jr.
Dolly, by Young Cherokee Jr.
Davis: :hen to B.
El Horr, 7 b.
Kate Hal, by Tom Hal, pacer.
Kent Boy, 7 b.
Kent, Campbell Hall, N.
King Cardinal, 6 ch.
Kitty Darnaby, by Mambrino Patchen, 58; g.
Julia, said to be by Capt.
Gay, son of Berthune.
Mack, Walla Walla, Wash.
Bunker; then to Samuel Gourley, Albany, Ore.
Per Simmons, 6 bl.
Fanny Clay, by American Clay, 34; g.
Bred by John Ewing, Lexington.
Jenny dam of May Queen, 2:20by Arabian Crockett's ; g.
Right Arm, 7 b.
Etta Hunter, by Hunter Budlong'sV Bred by L.
Illinois Phallafl, 7 b.
Bred by Gales Strawn, Jacksonville, 111.
Henry Hal, 7 b.
Shirk; passed to G.
Lady Taylor, running- bred, by imp.
Bred by Wallace Pierce, Sharpsville, Pa.
Bred by David Hill.
Ladd, then of Ohio, and William Gififord, Chicago, 111.
Sutherland, Smithfield, Ohio, where he died in 1883.
IiS Crosse, 7 ch.
Miss Butler, by Mambrino Duvall's ; g.
Hall and Henry Richfield, Jack- son, Mich.
Bred by Erastus Corning, Albany, N.
Crandel, Chatham Center, N.
Prince Lambert, 7 b.
Lucy, by Gold- dust, 150; g.
Sherman, 862; dam Slippery Sally, by Honest Dan, 829; g.
Black Fan, said to be by Vermont Black Hawk, 5.
Bred by Leonard Fish.
Bred by John A.
Wil- son, Wilmington, Del.
Flying Dutchman, 6 br.
Inez, by Royal George Powell's.
Bred by William Hillis, Union, Ohio; passed to William Nave, Massillon, Ohio.
Harris, pedigree not traced.
Phelon, Cherry Valley, N.
Peaslec and others, South Jeflfersor.
Nelly McDonald, running-bred, by Colossus; g.
Maid of Mon- mouth, etc.
Ed Sherman, 4 b.
Bred by Edmond Sherman, Danby, Vt.
Sherman; then to J.
Sire of Morris, 2:29.
Bred by Dwight Taylor, North Rupert, Vt.
Ledger Scott, 7 b.
Polly, by While Bird; g.
Jenny, by Yorkshire Lad.
Bred by George Pike, Brantford, Oni.
Cross Keys, 7 b.
Fanny, by Lexicon; g.
Kate, by the Warner Horse.
Bred by- Reuben F.
Bred by Enoch Earle, Worcester, Mass.
Dolly, by Mambrino Chief Jr.
Bred by William M.
Van Auken, Milford, Pa.
Sire of Lady Whitefoot, 2:24X.
Meeker Hambletonian, 7 b.
Rysdyk, 5703; dam by Champion, 807; g.
Bred by Jacob Meeker, Lodi, N.
I«Ogan Chief, i, 6 bl.
Pat Logan, 6 ch.
Double Cross, 7 br.
Topsey, by Tom Sloan, son of American Clay, 34.
Bred by Frank Randell, Genoa, Ohio.
Chum, by Norman Duke'sson of Norman, 25; g.
See Messenger Chief, Vol.
Kenney; passed to W.
Lafollett; then to T.
Harris, Eugene City, Ore.
Perley Mare, by Black Patchen; g.
Slipp Mare, by Nigger Horse.
Highland Olen, 7 gr.
Bred by Patrick Kelly, Factory Point, Vt.
Hine, 1154; dam Maggie Davis, by Creole, 5531.
Doolittle, New York, N.
Bred by John H.
Gower, Springfield, Ohio; passed to Powell Bros.
Effie Dean, by Mambrino Chief, 11, etc.
Hed Letter, 6 b.
Madonna, by Zilcaadi Golddust, 4400, etc.
VI J Bred by C.
Ben Harris, 6 b.
Nelly dam of George V.
Aubrey Nellis, 7 b.
Dancinj; Molly, pedigree unknown.
Sam Hice, 7 b.
McGregor, 3547; dam Earlie Hice, by Wash- ington Hambletonian, 334; g.
Hice, Enon Valley, Pa.
Colman's4 b.
Sire of Pearl, 2:30.
Bred by Van W.
Mc- Gavock, Franklin, Tenn.
Helen McGregor, by Rattler.
Foster, Waterville, Maine; passed to C.
Charley Gilbirds, 6 ch.
Belle Pilot, by Pilot Jr.
Bred by John F.
Uncle Ira, 7 bl.
Bred by Joe W.
Black Jane, by Mambrino Patchen, 58, etc.
Glenarm, i, 6 b.
Tilton, Togus, Maine, and C.
Taylor, South Vassalboro, Maine; passed to C.
Slyria, i, 6 ch.
Herr, Lexing- ton, Ky.
Flying HiatOga, 4 br.
Bred by Wilson Couch, Hopedale, Ohio; passed to Moses Hanley; then to J.
UpdegraflF, Mount Pleasant, Ohio; then to S.
Hallaway, Flushing, Ohio; ihcn to E.
Bassetc, Milan, Ohio, and died his property in 1872.
Sire of Katharina, 2:30.
Clint Atkins, 7 b.
Volette," by Volunteer, 55; g.
Jessie, by George M.
Bred by Wolcott Van De Bogart, Batavia, N.
Baird, Mount Carroll, III.
Barney McCann, 7 b.
Amanda, by Blackwood, 74; g.
Salvisa, by Abdallah, 15.
Bred by Arthur Emory, Baltimore, Md.
Maggie Star, by Masterlode, 595, etc.
Van Aken, Cold water, Mich.
Nelly dam of George V.
Van Aken, Coldwater, Mich.
Maggie Star, by Masterlode, 595; g.
Nelly dam of George v.
Bred by George W.
Van Aken; passed to D.
Ohio Dictator, 7 b.
Larabie, Deer Lodge Mont.
Belle Hewitt, by Belmont, 64; g.
Grace Hewitt, by Snowstorm Wil- son's ; g.
Bred by Thomas C.
Iv foaled iS36; by Alcantara, 729; dam Jeannie Sontag, by Toronto Son tag, 307; g.
Bred by Joseph M.
Old Dorsey, said 10 have check this out brought from Kentucky.
Bred by Herbert D.
Bowman, Waverly, Iowa; passed to C.
Grey Molly, by Bay Chief, son of Mambrino Chief, 11.
Bred by George Gordon, Montreal, Can.
Clifton Boy, 7 br.
Barnett, then of Boone County, Ky.
Hortense, by Grey Denmark; g.
Postmistress, by Young Mambrino; g.
Bred by George F.
Banker Rothschild, 4, 7 3r.
Puss, a pacing-mare owned by Caleb Wallace, by Drennon.
Bred by Joseph H.
Bryan; passed to L.
Reynolds; then to Frank L.
Almo, 4, 7 b.
Thomas, Scott County, Ky.
Billy Sprague, 6 br.
Bred by William L.
Pacing Kate, by Boston Redmon's.
Needham, Rapid City, Dak.
Polka Dot, by Blue Bull, 75.
Polka Dot, by Blue Bull, 75.
Ouida, by Hamblctonian, 10, etc.
Robert Steele, Philadelphia, Pa.
John Quinn Marc, by imp.
Bred by Robert Steele, Philadelphia, Pa.
Iron King, 7 b.
Miss Dean, by Hambletonian Dean's.
Short, Geneva Lake, Wis.
Kentucky Dictator, 7 br.
Cap, by Flying Cloud Ward's ; g.
J Bred by J.
Lyd dam of Lady Majolica, 2:25by Brown Chief, 4445, etc.
J Bred by Harrison Durkee, New York, N.
Lady Worth, by Hambletonian, 10; g.
Bred by Harrison Durkee, New York, N.
Cricket, by Flying Cloud Ward's ; g.
Blandina dam of Swigert, 650 reviews casino sportsbook live, by Mambrino Chief, ii, etc.
Reasoner, Mechanics- burg, Ind.
Beaver Boy, 7 b.
Fanny, by Pilot Jr.
Tilton, Togus, Maine; passed to C.
Tilton, Togus, Maine; passed to L.
Patchen Queen, by Mambrino Patchen, 58; g.
Bred by Henry B.
Bred by William Chambers, Montgomery, N.
Van Orden, Spring Valley, N.
Du Bois, 6 br.
Bred by Isaac Kells, Mont- gomery, N.
Wade, Jefferson, Ohio; passed to Volney French, EaglevUle, Ohio.
Portage C, 7 b.
Stone, Eagleville, Ohio; passed to W.
Stone, Eagleville, Ohio; passed to W.
Ada Thompson, by Brougham, Soo; g.
Phoebe, by Abdallah Chief; g.
Esther, by Bashaw, 50; g.
Bred by James Ryan; passed to John Hoehl, Muscatine, Iowa.
Millie, by Reaper Boy, son of the Pratt Horse.
Tate, Mount Carroll, III.
Ben Bolt, 6 ch.
Never Mind dam of Motion, 2 29by a son of Young Moscow, etc.
Sea King, 6 ch.
Never Mind dam of Motion, 2:29.
Bred by Asa E.
Bay Harry, 7 b.
Bred by Mace Wocoit; passed to James Feighner, Poplar, Ohio.
Grace Darling, by Enfield.
Bred by Wetmore Bros.
Canfield, Ohio; passed to Moore Bros.
Robert Kirkwood, 6 b.
Passaic Maid, by Aberdeen, 27, http://jackpot-promo.win/live/md-live-casino-slot-machines.html />J Bred by J.
May, games playoff live free nhl Jehu, son of Wamor, etc.
Sir Nutwood, 6 b.
Mc- Ferran, Louisville, Ky.
J Bred by Alden Goldsmith, Washington- ville, N.
Fanny Fern, by Gen.
Worth, son of Mclvor, by Copperbottom ; g.
Ray, Rock Creek, Ohio.
Flushing Girl, by Scott's Thomas, 919, etc.
Sire of Nettie H.
May Dudley, by Bob DidlaJte, 794; g.
Kate Reed, by Denmark Gaines'.
Hart, Poplar Plains, Ky.
Don Wynkoop, 7 br.
Mag Wagner, by Pickaway; g.
Wynkoop; passed to Walter I.
Kate Herndon, by Edwin Forrest Nichols'son of Edwin For- rest.
Lizzie Muir, by Wake-up-Jake, son of Bay Messenger Down- ing's.
Dick Swiveller, 7 ch.
Mar- shall; passed to John Will, La Grange, Ind.
Captain IiOCher, 7 b.
Baxter Black, then of Chester County, Pa.
Black; then to G.
Herr; then to John A.
Craig, Mount Jackson, Pa.
Helen, by Paddy Burns, son of Grey Eagle; g.
Bred by John Stout, Midway, Ky.
Bred by Richard Hackley, Bryantsville, Ky,; passed to Powell Bros.
Chubb, by Bourbon Chief, 383; g.
Chubb, pedigree not traced.
Nora Norman, by Blackwood.
J Bred by J.
Cap, by Flying Cloud Ward'sson of Black Hawk, 5; g.
Eliza dam of Molly Long.
J Bred by J.
Bradley, George- town, Ky.
Maggie, by Indian Chief, 832; g.
Bred by James Long, Georgetown, Ky.
Rockefeller, East Worcester, N.
Bred by William J.
Bred by George Duncan, Georgetown, Ky.
Colonel Hambrick, 6 b.
Fanny Gray, by Copperbottom Johnson'setc.
Belle, by Abdallah Messenger, 801; g.
Lawton; then to L.
Civilization, i, 6 bl.
Nella, by Messenger Boy, son of Highland Messenger, by Kentucky Hunter; g.
Julia, by Bellfounder Rob- inson's Bred by S.
Humes; passed to J.
Belle of Brooklyn, 2:31 yi, by the Young Potter Horse, etc.
Bred by James H.
Gififord, son of Gifford Morgan.
Bred by James H.
Aquarius, i, 6 ch.
Country Girl, by Country Gentleman, son of Hambletonian, 10, etc.
Mc- Farland, Boone, Iowa.
Evans Mare, by Kirkwood, 198; g.
Kemp Mare, by Morgan Kincaid's.
Bred by Daniel Hayes, Muscatine, Iowa; passed to Wade Gary, Council Blu£fs, Iowa.
Howdy Isad, 7 b.
Maggie Gaines dam of Almont Jr.
Fanny, a mare of Morgan blood.
Bred by Henry M.
George, Lewis- ton, Maine.
Dell Wood, 6 ch.
Sleet, by Alcalde, 103; g.
Cunningham, Knox- ville, Iowa; passed to S.
All HigM, 4 br.
Murray, at Guilford, Conn.
Black Deck, 6 bl.
Bred by Pip McNair, Washington, Iowa; passed to H.
Barton, Griswold, Iowa; then to Tip Willson, Carson, Iowa.
Bred by Alfred E.
Overstreet Wilkes, 6 b.
Ida, by Idol, 177; g.
Bred by Frank Waters, Lexington, Ky.
Judge Ewingy 6 b.
Miss Gill, by Vermont, 104, etc.
J Bred by H.
Fishback; then to Wm.
Glencoe Golddust, 4 ch.
Locke, Toledo, Ohio; then to John Brehman, Bucyrus, Ohio.
Sire of George W.
Kip, son of Thomas Jefiferson, 304; g.
Rose Terry, by Hambletonian, 10; g.
Stone Blind, by Black Hawk, 5; g.
Sealskin Wilkes, 7 br.
Bred by William L.
Sim- mons; passed to W.
Smith, Law- rence, Kan.
Hurly Burly, 6 ch.
Tidy, by Ethan Allen, 43; g.
Bred by Fashion Stud Farm, Trenton, N.
Blanche one of a fast pair driven by August Belmontpedigree unknown.
Bred by Fashion Stud Farm, Trenton, N.
Tidy, by Ethan Allen, 43; g.
Bred by Fashion Stud Farm, Trenton, N.
Washington, ii6i dam Norma, by Duroc Vol- unteer.
Lady Banker, 2:23, by Hambletonian, 10, etc.
Washington, 1161; dam Creole, by Jay Gould, 197; g.
Bred by Fashion Stud Farm, Trenton, N.
Zither, by Jay Gould, 197, etc.
J Bred by Fashion Stud Farm, Trenton, N.
Cranston, by New York, son of Abdallah, 15; g.
Zenobia, by Cassius M.
Bred by Fashion Stud Farm, Trenton, N, J.
Sappho, by Jay Gould, 197, etc.
Vich Alpine, 7 b.
Alexander, Spring Station, Ky.
Black Fred, 6 bl.
Lucy, by Trampaway, 309.
Freelove; passed to William Gates, Superior, Neb.
Lucy, by Trampaway, 309.
Von Mark, 8 b.
Lucy, by Brignoli, 77; g.
Lucy dam of Laytham Lassby Mambrino Chief, 11, etc.
Monroe Leer, Paris, Ky.
Lady Curry, by Pilot Jr.
Medusa, by Almont, 33, eic.
Queen Dido dam of Red Wilkes, 1749by Mambrino Chief, 11, etc.
Glencoria, by Hambletonian, 10, etc.
Puss Stedman Lorell's damby Norman, 25, etc.
Chew, Kentucky; passed to D.
Rounds and Isaac McBean; then to John Beatty, Bloomington, 111.
Norma, by Norman, 25, etc.
Laura Crockett, by Almont, 33, etc.
Segal Medium, 6 b.
Harris Mare, by American Star, 14, etc.
Lady Brant, by Toronto Chief, 85, etc.
Lady Woolfolk, by Alcalde, 103; g.
Nelly, by Vermont Ball'sson of Vermont Downing's ; g.
Betty, by Commodore Hunt'sson of Mambrino; g.
Bet Bounce, pedigree not traced.
Bred by Joseph Woolfolk and W.
Little Waxy, by Marshal Ney Salmon's ; g.
Miss Waxy, by Waxy.
Hambletonian Sherman's7 b.
Dolly, by Crabtree Bellfounder, son of imp.
Fletcher, i, 6 b.
Wilkes Spirit, 4 b.
Van Housen, Brooklyn, N.
Cone; then to E.
Phelon, Cherry Valley, N.
Bird, i, 6 ro.
Billy Sayre, 6 b.
West Egbert, 8 b.
Bred by Richard West, Lexington, Ky.
Silverfoil, by Flying Cloud, 134, etc.
Judge Salisbury, 6 ch.
Jenny dam of Powers, 2:21by American Star, 14; g.
Dolly Fisher, pedigree not traced.
Salisbury, San Francisco, Cal.
Bob Rivers, 8 b.
Sister Mac, by Whirl- wind, 2359; g.
Bermuda, i, 6 bl.
Mandy; by Blood Chief Stanhope'sson of Black Hawk Blood's ; g.
Pattie, by Vermont Downing's ; g.
Princess Ethel, by Volunteer, 55; g.
Black Bess dam of Gloster, 2:17by Stockbridge Chief, son of Black Hawk, 5.
Treacy, Lexing- ton, Ky.
Byron Sherman, 7 b.
Kitty Fisher, by Mambrino Columbus, son of Mambrino Chief, 11, etc.
HL" Bred by George W.
Dorsey; passed to Wm.
Walter Brake, 6 b.
Nellie Hulick, by Mambrino Chief Jr.
Adair, New Washington, Ind.
Mead, Paw Paw, 111.
£agle Wilkes, 7 b.
Marie, by Wagner Abdallah, son of Jupiter Abdallah, 189.
Jarvis; passed to Wm.
Belle, by Black Donald, 8968; g.
Fly, by Young Monarch, son of Bronx.
Bred by William A.
A nan Finkerton, 7 b.
Patchen, 30; dam Johnson Mare, said to be by Monmouth Eclipse.
Lady Nodine, by Hambletonian, 10, etc.
Emery, Cleveland, Ohio; passed to William Simpson, New York, N.
John Pinerty, 7 br.
Kitty Tmmbull, by BellfounJeri Kemp'sson of Bell- founder Snyder's.
County House Mare dam of Nettie, 2:18by American Star, 14.
Doctor Henry, 6 br.
Isophine, by Satellite, 2500, etc.
Henry, Burlington, Iowa; foaled the property of W.
Aldrich, Tipton, Iowa; passed to W.
Rutherford; then to J.
James, Storm Lake, Iowa.
Maggie Fred, 2:33, by Raven, son of Bashaw, 50, etc.
Reitta, by Niblo, son of Lancaster Eclipse; g.
Lady Walker, by Capt.
Walker, son of Tecumseh.
Lady McFatridge, 2:29, by Woodford Mambrino, 345, etc.
Bayadere, by Bay Chief, son of Mambrino Chief, II, etc.
J Bred by H.
Jenny Foss, by Bashaw Jr.
Sheldon, Nevada, Iowa; passed to H.
Bellwood Prince, 7 b.
Fan, called a Warrior mare, pedigree not traced.
Fan, called a Warrior mare, pedigree not traced.
Chloe, by Young Almack, son of Almack; g.
Doll, by Younp Messenger, son of Merlin 3000gd g.
Eagle Wing, 6 b.
Lulu Gift, by Mambrino Gift.
} Bred by A.
Mambrino Duchess, by Silver Duke, 663, etc.
Harry Lorrequer, 7 b.
Maud Allen, by Hiawatha 2d, son of Hiawatha; g.
Bred by Campbell Brown, Spring Hill, Tenn.
Bred by Campbell Brown, Spring Hill, Tenn.
Bred by Campbell Brown, Spring Hill, Tenn.
Bred by Campbell Brown, Spring Hill, Tenn.
Bronaugh's son of Washington Denmark.
Bred by Campbell Brown, Spring Hill, Tenn.
Bred by William Hendrie, Hamilton, Ont.
Bred by Frederick Hind, Caledonia, Ont.
Sufiolk Frinoe, 6 b.
Draco 2d, 6 br.
Draco Frince 2d, 6 b.
Belcher; then to Frank Clapp, Williams- burg, Mass.
Ira Wilkes, i, 6 br.
Patchen, son of George M.
Sophy, by Edwm Forrest, 49, etc.
Iiegal Medium, 7 b.
Bred by VVilliam Muir and W.
Lucy Almont, by Almont, 33, etc.
Arm- strong, Mount Union, Ohio, and W.
Happy Wanderer, 6 br.
Valencia, by Cassius M.
Payne Killer, 7 ch.
Payne, 1779; dam Dixie, by Maj.
Stocking Legs, pedigree not traced.
North, Waterloo, Iowa; passed to W.
Bonnie Maok, 6 b.
go here by See more Brayton, Carey, Ohio 5923.
Mark Monroe, 6 b.
Mattic Morgan, by Joe Downing, 710; g.
Nannie Skinner, by Tom Crowdcr, son of Old Pacing Pilot; g.
Lizzie, by Chief Justice.
Kilty Breeze, by Bellfounder, 63; g.
Doll, by Blucher Hunger- ford'sBred by H.
Neilson running-bredby Sovereign, son of Emilius; g.
Neva, by Vincent Nolte, son of American Eclipse, etc.
J Bred by R.
Colonel Hare, 6 b.
Dolly Aldrich, pedigree not traced.
Cookby Captain, 805; g.
Ifipmug, 7 b, h.
Ruby, pedigree not traced.
Bred by Edward A.
Annie dam of Egmont, 2:23X.
Kitty Cuyler, pedigree not traced.
Dous- man, Prairie du Chien, Wis.
Flora, by Pilot Jr.
Dousman, Prairie du Chien, Wis.
Lady Carr dam of Ambassador, 2:2iX f by American Clay, 34, etc.
Dousman, Prairie du Chien, Wis.
Maggie Lee, by Blackwood, 74.
Dousman, Prairie du Chien, Wis.
Mambrino Morrill, 7 ch.
Gipsy, by Black Sherman, son of Black Hawk, 5, etc.
Hlioderick Dhu, 7 bl.
Knox, 140; dam Vickey, by Young Morrill, 118; g.
Gipsy, by Black Sherman, son of Black Hawk, 5, etc.
King of the East, 6 bl.
Knox, 140; dam Gulnare, by Mam- brino Pilot, 29; g.
Vickey, by Young Morrill, 118, etc.
J Bred by John Hunter, Wynnewood, Pa.
Gipsy, by Black Sherman, son of Black Hawk, 5, etc.
Bred by Daniel Hayes, Muscatine, Iowa; passed to George S.
Jolin Gilbirds, 6 ch, h.
Belle Pilot, by Pilot Jr.
Waterwitch dam of Mambrino Gift, 2:20; Viking, 2:2oJ4: Scotland.
Billy Rogers, 6 bl.
Waterwitch dam of Mambrino Gift.
Black Cloud, 6 bl.
Barilla running-bredby Lieut.
Bassinger, son of imp.
Pilot Star, 6 br.
Moore, Hard- wood, Pa.
Reynolds, De Ray, Tenn.
Campbell, South Haven, Mich.
Fanny, by Pilot Hayden'setc.
Hambletonian Gem, 7 b.
Doll, by Crabtree Bellfounder, son of imp.
Volmont, 6 b, h.
Belle, by Merlin 3000gd M.
Bred by Robert Murray, East Zura, Ont.
Alneda Dix, 6 b.
Alice Drake dam of Alice Addison, 2:30.
Orphan Boqt, 7 b.
Blue Louise, a fast trotiing-mare, said to be by Kemble Jackson.
Phelon, Cherry Valley, N.
Fanny Cook daixi of Daniel Lambert, 102.
Phelon, Cherry Valley, N.
Fanny Allen, by Ethan Allen, 43; g.
Fanny Cook dam of Daniel Lambert, 102, etc.
Phelon, Cherry Valley, N.
Bay Fanny, by Abraham, 353, etc.
Phelon, Cherry Valley, N.
Maria Ward, by Hambletonian, 10, etc.
Franklin, 2777: dam Lady Withers, by Gen.
Withers, 1 157; g.
Miss Morrill, by Morrill Champion, son of Morrill, 850; g.
Old Tib, by Merrow Horse, 848.
Lady Simple, by Happy Medium, 400, etc.
Fanny Eaton, by Eaton Bonney'sson of Eaton Horse, 122, etc.
Luce, Presque Isle, Maine.
Bred by George R.
Prince Dictator, 6 b.
Fanny dam of Allie West, 2:25by Mambrino Chief, 11, etc.
Romola, by Country Gentleman, son of Hambletonian, 10; g.
Bred by John Delancey, Prairieburg, Iowa; passed to Smith Aker; then to Mr.
Cummings, Monticello, Iowa; then to Mr.
Cloudy i, 6 b.
Lambert, Dubuque, Iowa; passed to N.
Morse, Eldora, Iowa; then to £.
Old Tip, by Western Clay; g.
J Bred by Martin Tourtlotte, Pleasant Prairie, Wis.
Bred by Richard Richards.
Moore Mare, said to be by Amboy, 769.
Nell, by Bradt Horse, son of Bacchus.
Bred by Job Morley; passed to John A.
Young Roland, 7 bl.
Hoyal Arch, 6 b.
Belknap Boy, 7 ro.
Madam Surrat, said to be by Columbus Navigator.
Bred by Clay Bros.
Flora Warner, pedigree not traced.
Smith, 2:29 merlin 3000gd, by Henry Clay, 8, etc.
G' Fell, Ogden, Utah.
Archie ComstOOk, 6 b.
Minna dam of Kentucky Wilkes.
McDowell, Lexing- ton, Ky.
Milkmaid dam of Josephine, 2:32by Rattler Biggart'sson of Sir Henry; g.
Dairy Maid dam of Tennessee, 2:27by Black Hawk, 5, etc.
Embry; passed to William Polk and Campbell Brown, Columbia, Tenn.
Lady Griswold, by Flying Morgan, son of Hackett Horse.
JilOiny Bryant, 6 ro.
Lady Bryant, by Robinson Horse.
Sex MagpailB, 7 b.
Hobart Mare, pedigree not traced.
Kate, by Conflagration, son of Trustee; g.
Sidner Mare, pedigree not traced.
Headley; passed to O.
Lorillard Mare dam of Star Duroc.
Fearing, New York, N.
Lady Denton, by Billy Denton, 65, etc.
Dolly Forwood, pedigree not traced.
Bred by Miller Ward, Cynthiana, Ky.
Johnny Blaokbnm, 7 ch.
Bred by John T.
Kitty Whalen, by Fenian Chief, 892; g.
Dolly, by African Tiger, son of Duroc Stone's.
Sally, a superior road-mare, pedigree not traced.
Sally, a superior road-mare, pedigree not traced.
Luna, pedigree not traced.
Wing; see more to James M.
Teas- dale and L.
Henrietta, by Bald Chief, 1766; g.
Fanny grandam of Director, 2:17; Thorndjt'.
Nance, by Saxe Weimar, son of Sir Archy.
Bred by John Duncan, Georgetown, Ky.
Cromwell; then to A.
Smith McCann, Lexington, Ky.
Cofiman; then to Jesse H.
New Hampshire, 6 b.
Belle, by Cassius M.
Satinette, by Superb, 295, etc.
Clark, New Brunswick, N.
Greever'sson of Mambrino Chief, 11, etc.
Lady Winfield cfrandam of Femme Sole, 2:20, and Editor.
Bred by Powell Bros.
Plumed King, 7 cb.
Frolic running-bredby Busirius.
Pattie Patchen dam of Bermuda, 2:22by Mambrino Patchen, 58, etc.
Abdalene, by Abdallah, 164, etc.
Spot Hibs, 7 br.
Bred by Steele Bros.
Bred by Powell Bros.
Bred by Powell Bros.
Shadeland Onward, 7 br.
Cap, by Flying Cloud Ward'sson of Black Hawk, 5; g.
Maud, by Mahoning Chief, 1346; g.
Bred by Powell Bros.
Bred by Powell Bros.
Bred by Powell Bros.
Hannah, by John Dillard, son of Indian Chief; g.
Bred by William F.
Weeks, New Iberia, La.
Smith McCann, Lexington, Ky.
Jim Patterson, 7 br.
Eliza, by Grey Jim, said to be a son of Henry Clay, 8; g, g.
Bred by Peter Brayton, Carey, Ohio; passed to J.
Hudson, Van Buren, Ohio.
Columbia run- ning-bredby Bonnie Scotland, son of lago, etc.
Maud Childs, by D.
Andrew Allison, 7 b.
Bred by Campbell Brown, Spring Hill, Tenn.
Diana Keene, by St.
Mark Antony, 6 br.
Snip, by Enfield, 128; g.
Milkmaid, by Rat- tler Biggart'sson of Sir Henry; g.
Dairy Maid dam of Tennessee, 2:27by Black Hawk, 5, etc.
Almo, 5748; dam Nyack, by Cuyler, 100; g.
Bustard Mare, said to be by Grey Eagle, son of Woodpecker.
Harry Arlington, i, 4 gr.
Lawrence Price'sson of St.
Star Monarch, i, 6 br.
Dolly Burson, by Struble Horse; g.
Trim, by Young Virginian, son of Duncan Horse.
Bred by Wallace Burson, Schoolcraft, Mich.
Sammy Bysdyk, 6 bl.
French, said to be by Abdallah Voorhees'son of Abdallah, i.
Holmes Bergen, New Brunswick, N.
Blackey, called a Lexington mare, pedigree not traced.
Colonel Burton, 7 b.
Kit, by Young Cassius M.
Clay, son of Cassius M.
Pantlind, 2:20by Marshall Chief, 452; g.
Maggie C, by Parma Morgan.
Tom Brown, 6 live tottenham manu vs />Gteneral Woolsley, 8 b.
Stanton, 2545; dam Paul, by Royal George Lee'sson of Royal George.
Kate King dam of Lady Hamilton, 2:30by Hamiltonian, son of American Eclipse.
King; passed to Frank King, Port Colbourne, Ont.
Barney C, 7 b.
Bred by John Christie.
Prunella, by Alhambra, son of Mambrino Chief, 11, etc.
Lady Rattler, by Rattler Rockwell'sson of Rattler, etc.
Governor Warren, 7 ch.
Archibald, 2915; dam Gracie B.
Flora, by Cottrill Morgan, son of Black Hawk, 5; g.
With- row, Council Blufls, Iowa.
Wedgewood Pet, 7 b.
Gertie, called a Gen.
McClellan mare, pedigree not traced.
Minnie McGrath dam of Forrest King, 1754pedigree not traced.
Baron Knight, 6 b.
Ferguson, Stamping Ground, Ky.
Bred by Monroe Salis- bury, San Francisco, Cal.
Baskin, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Nelly Hayden, pedigree not traced.
Bred by William P.
Doo Winchip, 7 b.
Roan Nelly, pedigree not traced.
Bred by William P.
Lamott Mare grandam of Albert W.
Phil Sheridan, 4 bl.
Knox, 140; dam unknown.
Bred click here Greenleaf Lowe, Winslow, Maine; passed to P.
Sire of Fanny M.
Davis; passed to Frank Little; then to Albert S.
McKenney; then to A.
Fly, called a Napa mare, pedigree not traced.
Van Dyke and J.
Norma, by Norman, 25, etc.
Gano; passed to J.
Silvertail, by Rood Colt, son of Messenger Duroc Lawrence's ; g.
Delia, called a Messenger mare, pedigree not traced.
Taken to South America, May, 1888.
Logan Mare, by Pilot Jr.
Dick- erson, North Vernon, Ind.
Bred by Charles B.
Russell, North Hero, Vt.
Alexander, Spring Station, Ky.
Bobert Bysdyk, i, 6 br.
Jenny, by Mambrino Duvall'sson of Mambrino Chief, ti, etc.
J Bred by Stephen Black, Frankfort, Ky.
Missal, by Hero of Thorndale, 549, etc.
Jenny, by Mambrino Duvall'sson of Mambrino Chief, n, etc.
Molly King dam of Maggie F.
Brunette dam uf Shelby Chief, 923by Mambrino Chief.
Viley Filly, by Pilot Jr.
Blanchard, North Hero, Vt.
Peter Jefferson, 4 bl.
Bred by William B.
Smith, Hart- ford, Conn.
Pride of Highland, 6 ch.
Lady Ericsson, by Ericsson, 130, etc.
Hirchcock, New Preston, Conn.
Black Cossack, 6 bl.
Lottie, by Romulus, 271, etc.
Sucker Boy, 7 br.
Jones; passed to Frank Lander, Normal, 111.
Gold Leaf, 6 br.
Fanny, by Henry Clay, son of Black Hawk, 5.
Bred by Morgan A.
Dayton; passed to Charles C.
Miss Butler, by Mambrino Duvall'sson of Mambrino Chief, 11; g.
Tom Herrick, 6 br.
Illinois Maid, by Advance, son of Volunteer, 55.
Topsy, by Lumber, 1786, etc.
Pusher Bet365 ipl live, by Abdallah Redmond'sson of Abdallah, 15.
Huntley and P, B.
Billy Wonder, 7 b.
Bred by Miles Harrington, Athens, Pa.
Marshal Ney, 6 b.
Lady Eleanor, by Mambrino Chief.
Bred by Thomas Welch, Paw Paw, Mich.
Hilton, Paw Paw, Mich.
Beauty, pedigree not traced.
Bred by Noe Dills, Cynthi- ana, Ky.
ICambrino Wilkes, 4 bl.
Todhunter's or Greaver'sson of Mambrino Chief, 11; g.
Hinds; then to Irvin Ayres, San Francisco, Cal.
Sonnet, by Bourbon Chief.
Little Ida dam of So So, 2:i7X » by Edwin Forrest, 49, etc.
GyPt by Salad in, son of Bay Middleton.
Bred by George McAviiy and Frederick I.
Jersey Smith, 7 b.
Bay Jackson, 6 b.
Jenny Lind, by Hazard; g.
Ward Mare, by Black Prince.
Goudy, West Bristol, Maine; passed to Edwin Woodside, Sabattus, Maine.
Alexander, Spring Station, Ky.
Hanover Boy, 7 b.
Douglas, 422; dam Flora Root, by Stephen A.
Peggy Huff, by Blackjack, son of Randolph Black Hawk; g.
Sally Ann, pedigree not traced.
Bred by George Root, Irving, N.
Billy Bysdyk, i, 6 bl.
French, said to be by Abdallah Voorhees"son of Abaailah, i.
Holmes Bergen, New Brunswick, N.
Frank Foster, 7 b.
Pierce, Sparta, Ohio; passed to G.
Foster; then to George C.
Jubilee Hancock, 6 b.
Hancock, 1165; dam Pattie, by Jubilee Lambert.
Bettie, by Joe Downing, 710, etc.
J Bred by H.
Duhme, Woodlawn, Ohio; passed to James E.
Brown, War- ren, Ohio.
Prairio Eagle, 7 b.
Bred by Eli E.
Manor, Genoa Junction, Wis.
Pepper, Frank- fort, Ky.
Duenna, by Woodtord Mambrino.
Bred by Elva Parks, Haw Patch, Ind.
Hatiie Williams, by Merlin 3000gd Charta, 105; g.
Black Sal dam of Mambrino Gen- eral, 2:2Sj4h pedigree not traced.

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